STOMPGRIP Traction Kits R3 (2019)


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Everyone knows "the classic Stompgrips" - the extra portion of grip, easy to stick to the tank and possibly other trim parts.

The advantages are obvious: more stable cornering behavior of the vehicle, increased body stability, especially when braking, accelerating and cornering, as well as less stress on wrists and arm muscles. Due to the increased contact between the driver and the machine, the motorcyclist experiences much better comfort. The tank is also protected from environmental influences or other damage. The motorcycle product range includes custom-made kits for almost all sport, dual sport and off-road motorcycles, otherwise Stompgrip offers universal pads that fit or can be tailored to all motorcycles.

The pads are available in either black or transparent. The transparent version provides a clear view of the paintwork or foiling. The high-quality 3M adhesive ensures that the pads stay in place and can be removed without problems or residue.

Stompgrip products are highly regarded as the premium solution for action-packed sports and other activities. Stompgrip's in-house production team manufactures all products in its manufacturing facility in Huntington Beach, near Los Angeles, LA, USA. The Stompgrip team works according to the just-in-time principle to ensure that all customers only receive the latest and highest quality goods.

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