In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)

Master cylinder front radial brake pump RCS 19 Corsacorta

The new Brembo Racing brake pump RCS 19 Corsa Corta is the latest Brembo invention. This radial brake master cylinder is the evolution of all the brake pumps, the latter in addition to benefit from all the features of the classic RCS, has an innovative and elegant design and a further adjustment to meet all the conditions in which the guide bike. In fact, the RCS19 Short stroke in addition to being adjustable in different positions and nell'interasse, this is also adjustable in "readiness".


-R "RACE" for a minimum idle stroke and the lever consequently be more ready,

-S "SPORT" for an idle stroke in an intermediate position with a great feeling lever,

-N "NORMAL" the idle stroke will be greater, and consequently the braking will be sweeter.

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